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Make Payments Online with Chaparral Motors in Lubbock, TX

We’ve partnered with Blitzpay to help make online payments easier! Ask us how to sign up.

Blitzplay is a Fast and Easy Way to Submit Your Auto Loan Payment Directly to Your Dealer!

Make Payments: Make a one-time payment, set up automatic payments, or even schedule payments!
- View Account Information: Stay up-to-date with your account(s) by viewing your current balance, your payment history, next due date and more.
- Update Personal Information: Whether it's changing your home address, employer information or a phone number, you have the ability to update your information.

Register / Login: How does it work? Using Blitzpay is easy and convenient!

To set up your Blitzplay account, you'll need the following:
- your email address
- your account number (loan #)

Forms of payment your dealer may accept:
- We accept all major credit card brands
- To make a payment with your prepaid card, you'll need a card that features a Pulse, Star or NYCE logo

Make A Payment

When you click you will be taken to the new software. If you have any questions, please contact us.